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Although we would primarily consider ourselves as wedding videographers and photographers, we love all aspects of our respective fields and love trying to capture different styles using new and old disciplines. If you would like more information on any of these services please click and image to enquire and we can chat about your ideas and what you're looking for.

Newborn Photography

It's always an honour to be able to photograph this exciting time for a family. Catching a fleeting moment in a child's life and leaving stills to look back on in awe makes our job the best there is.

There is nothing more precious than your new born baby. That is why we know how important newborn photography is to catch the earliest moments of your little one's life. They grow and change so fast.

So fast in fact, we generally ask for newborn photo shoots to be arranged within the first 3 weeks of their birth.


We come to your house and are fully equipped with everything we need to make it easy for your little one . We've found this to be better to help you and baby stay relaxed, getting the best photographs while being secure in the comfort of their own home.

Couple shoots

We love seeing people happy, in love and up for an adventure! Let us take you on a couple shoot into the beautiful Scottish landscapes and come back with memories and photographs that can't be forgotten. 

It's not just wedding photos that couples want to reminisce intimate or memorable moments over. It can be engagement announcements, something to hang in their first home or simply to just get comfortable with a camera ahead of their big day!


We offer a relaxed approach to our couple shoots, letting you be who you are while having fun and allowing the love you have for one another come through in the photographs.

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Family Portraits

A photo shoot is a great way to get all the family together. Our relaxed and fun approach alongside our quick setups lets you relax and have fun with those that matter the most while giving us all great pictures in the process.

Families come in all different sizes and we're ready for any eventuality! Does your family have a pack of dogs or a clowder of cats?  Have you 10 siblings with 10 offspring? Don't worry. We're more than happy to be part of the adventure! 


Overall, we know there is nothing more important than family and like all our work we love locking memories of you and your loved ones with a snap of our shutter. 

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Event Photography

Photographing weddings gives us the experience of always being alert and aware of our surroundings. There are no retakes on a wedding day and this type of experience transfers well into all types of event photography.


Whether it be corporate events, stage shows, charity nights or celebrations, we know how to capture a timeline of images that reflect the look and feel of your event with our photography.


So don't let your event go unnoticed. Boost your social media or marketing campaigns with professional photography.

Promotional Photography

Good promotion starts with a good product. But to show that product, you need photos or video to promote or advertise. We have produced a wide range of promotional material that showcases great talent and it's always exciting for us to be a part of something new and seeing our images and videos go on to help promote great businesses and their products.


Whatever business you're in, there is a constant demand for social media content to help market and promote it. Great photo and video content are a must to help you stand out from the crowd and, of course, your competition.

Tape Preservation

Being videographers that sell "captured memories to last a lifetime", we may have the best intentions but with the constant change in technology, time has shown that these captured memories can become obsolete if the format they are saved to does.

Big Day Studios' editing suite allows for the preservation and conversion of numerous types of analogue tape into the digital formats of today, making sure your memories can move through the times with you. 

Whether it be weddings, birthdays or just clips from old home videos, digitising and preserving your old tapes can bring the past back in all its glory.

We can convert the following formats:

VHS, Betamax, VHS-C, Mini DV, Video 8,

Hi-8, DVD, BluRay & Digital Formats.

360° Photo & Video Content

Using 360° photos and videos might be quite a new concept to some people but it is without a doubt a great way to showcase your surrounding. 

Whether it's to give people tours of your premises or to engage audiences with an immersive live event, 360° footage is a great way to drop people into the middle of your story. Give them the opportunity to look in any direction and absorb their surroundings from the safety and convenience of their mobile, PC or VR device. 

Great for facility walk throughs, tours, live events and much more, limited only by your imagination, 360° is a truly immersive experience.


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